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MCB3406B Aftermarket Caterpillar 3406B Gasket Kit

$281.16 Incl GST 
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Gasket Kit
Kit Contents: 1x131-3719, 1x144-0478, 1x144-0479, 1x144-0480, 1x144-0481, 1x144-0482, 2x1H9696, 3x1J9671, 1x2D6392, 1x3B5879, 1x3D2824, 1x3D2898, 6x3H0442, 6x3J1907, 2x3J7354, 1x3L6768, 1x4J7533, 1x4J8997, 1x4M8303, 1x4N0260, 1x4P9608, 1x4W4616, 1x5F9144, 1x5P5601, 1x5P6620, 1x5P8215, 1x5P9757, 1x6F6672, 1x6H9691, 1x6I1564, 1x6I2002, 1x6I2003, 1x3J2419, 1x6V5029, 3x7E2464, 1x7E3667, 6x7J0204, 1x8J8343, 1x8M8515, 1x8N3761, 1x8N6776, 1x8N5763, 1x8T2604, 6x9X7735


3406B, 3406C

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