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MCB3300SCE Aftermarket Caterpillar 3304/3306 Old Scroll Kit

$292.56 Incl GST 
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3304/3306 Old Scroll Kit
Kit Contents: 1x166-0368, 1x1C0159, 2x1H1023, 1x1J9671, 1x1M0825, 2x1S7336, 1x2A1913, 1x2D9797, 1x2F4159, 1x2F6156, 1x2H3504, 2x2H3932, 2x2J0157, 2x2M2489, 1x2P8722, 2x2P8763, 1x3B8453, 6x3D2992, 1x3J1907, 1x4B5647, 1x4D9986, 1x4F7391, 4x4H2494, 1x4M8303, 1x4N7465, 1x4S7458, 3x4S7756, 1x4S8513, 1x5H9942, 1x5L8991,2x5P9294, 1x5P9757, 1x5S7611, 1x5S9020, 1x5S9060, 1x5S9611, 2x6J2419, 1x6L1597, 1x6L5766, 1x6L5773, 1x6V8977, 1x7F8607, 1x7L0552, 1x7L7364, 1x7L7368, 1x7M6955, 2x7M9763, 3x7S2374, 1x8F3469, 1x8H9180, 1x8H9220, 1x8H9364, 1x8H9788, 1x8L3873, 1x8L4156, 1x8L4159, 1x8M4445, 1x8M4987, 2x8M5248, 1x8M5253, 1x8M5260, 1x8M8997, 1x8S5575, 1x9F4522, 1x9H2770, 2x9H4557, 1x9M3866, 1x9M6292, 1x9M6293, 1x9M7660, 1x9S2308, 1x9S4671


3304, 3306 early style scroll pumps.  These can be identified by the 9H5797 plunger and barrel.

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