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5B3718 Aftermarket Caterpillar Fuel Nozzle O'Ring Seal

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Caterpillar Fuel Nozzle O'Ring Seal
Seal Outside Diameter: 30mm
Seal Inside Diameter: 20mm
Seal Thickness: 5mm
O-Rings are mainly used in static application as both axial or radial seals to prevent leakage and contamination.
3300, 3306, 3500, D398B, Wheel Tractor Scrapers 627E, 627EPP, 627B, 639D, 637KLRC, TENG 1673C 3306, Track Loaders 977L, Motor Graders 140B, Track Type Tractors D4ESA, D6DLGP, D4DSA, D9H, Track Excavators 235, Pipelayers 571G, Vees 27 To 32 Litre d379B, MENG 3304, D379A D399, D398A D330C, D379B, Skidders 528, IENG D399, D333C, 3306, D342, D398B, 3304, D398 D379 G379 G398 G399, G379A, D330C, WTS 637K, 627E, 627F, 637G, 627H, 627K, 637E, 627G, 627K LRC, Wheel Loaders 966R, 966C
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