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4W7015 Aftermarket Caterpillar Pencil Injector

$206.99 Incl GST 
SKU: 4W7015
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NEW Aftermarket Caterpillar Pencil Injector, this item has not been reconditioned. No Core Charge.

Fuel Injector Nozzles are a critical component of the fuel injection system and ensure perfect compustion, exact emissions and fuel econoy for optimum engine performance.

3204 industrial direct injection with an engine serial number of 3PC1 and above, 45V36536 and above, 7EB1 and above, 10X1 and above, 3408.

They are typically utilized in the following applications: D44, D44B, D550 and D550B Articulated Trucks, PM-565, PM-565B, PR-450 and PR-450C Cold Planers, 836 Compactors, 215B Excavators, IT12, IT18, IT28 and IT28B Intergrated Tool Carriers, 589 Pipelayers, 657E Scraper, 508 Skidders, 931B, 931C, 935B, 935C, 943 and 953 Track Loaders, D3, D3B, D3C, D4B, D4C, D4H, D5C, D8L, D9N and D9R Tractors, 931 Traxcavators, 769C, 769D, 771C and 771D Trucks, 910, 916, 926, 926E, 926F, 988B and 988F Wheel Loaders, 631D, 631E, 633D, 633E, 637D, 637E, 639D, 768C and 834B Wheel Tractors

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