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108-2104 Aftermarket Caterpillar Plunger & Barrel

$264.00 Incl GST 
SKU: 108-2104
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DISA Plunger & Barrel
Size: 11mm
Plungers are important components of fuel injection pumps, which drive fuel into the cylinders of engines


RRSS RM-250C, SS250, RR-250, RM350B, RR250B, RM350, SS-250B, SM350, COM 825C, 825G, 826C, 826G 826G, COLD PM465, TENG 3406C, 3406B, PIPE 578, 583R, 587R, WLT 980C, 980GII 980FII 980G, 980F, EXC 5080, 375, 375L, MENG 3412, 3406B, 3412C, 3406C, 3408B, ADT D400, D400D, D40D, D350E, D400E, D35HP, TTT D8R, D8N, D9R, D8RII, IENG  SPT342, 3406C, 3406B, 3408C, HT400 SPS342 SCT673 3412C, 3412, EPG2  SR500 WTS 621F, 627E, 627B, 621E, 623F, 623E, 621B, 623B, 627F, 621, WTT 814B, 824GII 824G, 824C, MG 16G, 16H NA EPG 3412, 3406B, 3412C, 3406C, 3408B

Cross References
Caterpillar 7A6007, 7E6007
DISA 01106/31