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095000-6250 Genuine Denso Nissan Injector

$2,243.48 Incl GST 
SKU: 095000-6251
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Genuine Denso Nissan Injector

No Core Deposit Required

To check if this Injector suits your requirements, before purchase please either check the genuine part number sourced through the OEM, the part number stamped on the original injector, or your vehicle identifying numbers, such as the VIN or Registration Number.  With this information we can try to confirm which injector is correct for your vehicle.  Dates are a guide only.  If the injectors are incorrect, they will not code into the ECU.  If injectors have been fitted, they cannot be returned for a refund.
Type #: -
Nozzle: DLLA152P947 
Pin: -
Nozzle Retaining Nut: -
Injector O'Ring/s: -
Pressure Tube: -
Retainer: -
Fitting: -
Circlip: -
Washer: -
Parts Set: -

Nissan Navara YD25 D40 2.5L Euro 4, Pathfinder R51 2.5L YD25 Euro 4 10/2006-2010
Engine Model: YD25DDTi
Can suit Vin#'s: VSKCVND40 (>01/10, 09/06-01/10), VSKCVAD40 ( (>01/10, 04/12-04/15) MNTVCUD40 (>01/10), MNTVCGD40 (>01/10), MNTNCUD40 (>01/10), MNTACUD40 (>01/10)

Cross References
Denso  9709500-625
Nissan 16600-EC00B, 16600-EB70B, 16600-EB70C, 16600-EC00A, 16600-EC00D, 16600-EC00E, 16600-EB70D, 16600-EC00C, 16600-EB70A