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1 110 010 018 Genuine Bosch Pressure Relief Valve

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SKU: 1 110 010 018
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Pressure Relief Valve / Pressure Control Valve
Replacing the valve helps eliminate many issues that can occur in the common rail diesel.  The issues that may be experienced could include lagging, being smoky, poor fuel economy, hard to start, fault codes that could result in the vehicle "limping".  Many times replacing the relief valve can be overlooked, when it may be the common solution to many of the issues.


Kia Sorento CRDI, Jeep Cherokee 2.5 & 2.8, Ford Ranger 3L & 2.5L, Mazda BT50, Honda Civic, Accord, CR-V 2.2 TDi, Nissan Patrol ZD30

Vin Beginning With: JN1TESY61, JN1UELY61, JN1UENY61, JN1UERY61, JN1UETY61

Rail: Can suit 0-445-214-112, 0445214112

Cross References
Bosch 1110010018, 1110010015, 1 110 010 015